Thursday, March 27, 2008

we can drive the car and it drives well!


We got temporary vehicle documents on Wednesday and drove back to Tchincombe
today with the 130! It means one more trip to the coast in a week or two
but at least we can drive the car and it drives well!

We arrived to find one of the workers quite ill - had a phone consult with
Dr. Steve and we've started treatment. Please pray for Cesar to respond to
meds, to not be afraid - and pray that those around him would be an
encouragement - the general tendency is to be pessimistic - many come and
sit with the sick person almost watching to see if they are going to die -
very fatalistic! Cesar is not a believer - pray that he will find his God
through all of this!

Saturday we go to Imbondwe for an outreach. Pray for open hearts!!

THANKS for your vital part in this ministry!!


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