Saturday, October 27, 2007

Home Again! Stirling and I had a great weekend.

Home Again! Stirling and I had a great weekend. Jeffrey and Meghan both
enjoyed there adventures. We are glad to be home again and reunited as a
family. Thanks for your prayers on our behalf!

We arrived home on Thursday. Meghan came yesterday (Friday) with Peter and
Shelley and we've enjoyed a relaxing day today which included watering the
grass and garden (it hasn't really rained YET!), making bread, cheese and
cinnamon buns, marinating meat for supper, alternator repairs, treating cow
with prolapsed vagina and retained placenta, changing battery in generator,
working with Strider (horse) and getting ready picnic fixings for tomorrow.
Stirling and the rest have gone to check out smoke we can see on the north
side of the farm.

Picnic fixings are for us to take when we go to the Tchimbolelo preaching
point tomorrow. It's two hours from here. Please pray that people in the
area will remember that it is the last Sunday of the month and come! Please
pray for open and receptive hearts. Ask the Lord for discernment about
whether we need to change location or timing, etc. as each time there seems
to be less people and last Sunday there were no Ovangambwe present - only
workers from the farm of another people group who have had the gospel for 3
generations. Pray that these folk would catch a vision for evangelism!

On our one day in Windhoek Stirling was able to follow up on contacts about
buying fencing that he made during other trips. We have found a credible
company and they have given us a reasonable quote to fence Tchincombe.
During the executive meetings the UIEA leadership approved the idea of
looking into a bank loan so pray for Stirling as he talks more with the
leadership of the UIEA and as he talks with the manager of the bank. We are
hoping there will be low interest agricultural loans available.

As the land is thirsting for water PRAY for rain!
PRAY that people will thirst for the living water and PRAY for the Believers
at Tchincombe that we will point people to the LIVING WATER.

Your partnership is indispensable!!!!
Donna for all of us!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Hello - it's hot and steamy but no real rain yet!!

Hello - it's hot and steamy but no real rain yet!! We've had sprinkles that
are increasing our longing!! The rain clouds are all around - pray for them
to dump on us!!

The house has been quiet this week! Jeffrey is away at Schoenfeld (click here to see it)and
Meghan went to Lubango on Monday. She is spending the week with her Dutch
girlfriends who have holiday. They are all going to the beach tomorrow.
Pray for safety in travel and at the water.

Stirling and I are going to have a belated anniversary celebration.
Tomorrow we'll go to Namibia and stay at a bed & breakfast, Friday and
Saturday we will go a little further south and camp. Sunday we'll get to
Windhoek - Monday shop, Tuesday go to Schoenfeld to pick up Jeffrey,
Wednesday start back toward Angola and camp near the border. Thursday back
to Tchincombe! Pray for safety and rest!

Pray too for Paulo and Tuciale as the hold down the fort in our absence
(Firmino is on holiday) - always it seems that the staff come up with some
'when the cat's away the mouse will play' stuff! Pray for Paulo and Tuciale
to have wisdom.

Good friends of ours, Gerald and Louise Latimer, would like to visit in
November and help around the farm - pray for their visa to be granted!

Continue to pray for us a community to know what it means to love our
neighbor. Today we looked at John 13:34 where Jesus says for us to love
others as he has loved us!!!

THANKS so much for being part of our team!!!

Donna & Stirling

New Pictures!

Playing pretty, pretty princess with Aunty Karen.
Meghan turns 8!

Pounding grain and carting water are never ending tasks for the ladies at

To the beach for the long weekend - fishing - Jeffrey and Meghan were

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

You have been praying and God has been working.

You have been praying and God has been working. Today in our ladies'
meeting how to show love to our neighbor especially in the case when the
neighbor is rude. Kaketa said when she greets Marta, Marta will not return
her greeting. In Olungambwe culture it is extremely rude not to greet
another person. And it's not only to Kaketa that Marta reacts this way. We
had the opportunity to talk about the fact that a person has a wounded heart
they don't know how to relate appropriately to others. Apparently Marta is
afraid that people will laugh at her when she sings or goes to church or
when she wears nice clothes. There is another lady, Emilia who is also
sometimes very rude. Here are some things that we at the ladies meeting are
praying in these next weeks - will you pray with us?

*That God would show us if any of us have in any way offended these ladies.
*That God would show us how to love them even though they are not acting
*That God would work in their hearts to heal whatever is there and that he
would cause their hearts to turn to Him for healing and salvation.
*That God would prepare the way for one or two of us to talk with these
ladies about the way there are feeling or acting.
*Pray especially for Marta as over the years it has been clear that there
are definite psychological problems in her life.

Stirling, Jeffrey and our friend Brent went down to Namibia on Monday.
Jeffrey started his two week work experience yesterday - pray for him!

Stirling and Brent have gone on to Windhoek to do purchases and plan to head
back on Friday.

Pray for rain!!!

Pray for me as lately I feel like I am tired all the time - maybe it's just
the heat, maybe the tasks in general seem overwhelming! THANK YOU!

Meghan cut her hair short - we'll try and send a picture when we can!

THANKS for standing with us in prayer.
Donna for all of us!