Saturday, August 23, 2008

We are back in Windhoek having traveled 6,000 km safely!!


We tried sending an update from the reunion/60th venue but the wireless was down the whole week! And we were a LONG way from any internet caf├ęs!!

PRAISE! We are back in Windhoek having traveled 6,000 km safely!! The car gave troubles at the beginning of the trip but a very helpful Land Rover dealer in Upington, SA put car on computer – found nothing, cleaned a few connections – and the car has worked perfectly ever since. It was 4:30 pm when we pitched up at the dealers but they were gracious and didn’t charge us anything!!!

Today has been quite stressful!! We were having tea at the dining room table in flat 7, a guy came in the door and snatched the 2 purses that were on a chair across the room from the dining table; Stir and Jeff gave chase but thief slammed outside metal gate and that little bit of delay allowed them to make it to the get away car!! Sheila lost money, credit cards and car keys!! Joan Brain (missionary friend in her 70s) lost money, credit cards, plane ticket and passport! Police came and took reports but we are doubtful of getting things back. Stir did get car color, make, the fact it was a taxi and most of license # - apparently this has happened at this SIM guest house before and there is suspicion that it’s the same guys! SIGH!

PRAISE! The reunion and 60th celebration was great - lots of time to visit and play! We were 27 people! Really couldn’t have asked for a better time. The trip over took a lot out of Stir’s parents. Family had time to sit and talk about Mum and Dad’s future needs. It seems that the time has now arrived that Mum and Dad Foster should no longer live or travel alone. The state of their health made us all think it would not be wise to go on to Angola as planned. The earliest they could return to USA was 3 September without losing their ticket (original plan was Sept 30). They flew to Windhoek from South Africa as it was the routing of their return ticket. Peter and Shelley's work visa has not been renewed yet - they have graciously accepted to return to USA with Mum and Dad and stay with them until December. PRAY for Peter and Shelley as they came to Africa expecting to go back to work in Angola and in the space of a few days they had to decide to return! It's not easy.

The original plan was to have Mum and Dad with us in Angola but since they aren't going up we'll spend time with them here in Windhoek. We were frustrated by our delayed departure from Angola but now it makes sense! The Lord knew we'd need the time on this end of our trip!

We are VERY grateful to the foremen, Latimers and to Brent Mudde (friend/colleague with MAF) who are holding things together at Tchincombe! Fuel has continued to be an issue – Brent went once to visit Latimers and take them fresh veggies; he went a second time to take fuel so that Jerry could continue bulldozing! Louise says BP (our parrot) is talking up a storm! And that our freezer is getting quite full of butter!! Latimers will fly to Windhoek on 1 September.

Please PRAY for the service at Imbondwe on last Sunday – Steve, Brent and Latimers are planning to be there. Pray for the new believers there to continue to grow in their faith!

Please PRAY for Angola as elections are September 5th.

PRAISE – A Sunday school class at Calvary Baptist Church collected $600 to help pay the outstanding amount on the 130.

In Him,

Donna for all of us!

Monday, August 4, 2008

We are setting off today on our holiday

Dearest Praying Family,

We are setting off today on our holiday – only 5 days late! Stirling had to change the clutch and the wiring loom on the car this past week (was scheduled for the week the thieves made of with the cattle). The Kudu’s clutch isn’t acting quite normal so we’d appreciate your prayers for safety in travel. Until Windhoek we’ll have both vehicles. The 130 will stay in Windhoek while we are in SA so that we can buy supplies on our way home.

For those of you who have written but we haven’t responded – sorry, life has been crazy – even yesterday the neighbor’s brought a worker who needed a few stitches so life has been full of unexpected surprises – thanks for your e-mails and prayers – will write along the way as we have time!!

Meghan is not feeling well so we ask prayer for her – she has fever and cough. Since she was in town for 2 weeks we tested her for malaria yesterday and she was negative.

Please pray for Jerry and Louise Latimer as they hold down the fort in our absence! They are a real encouragement to us – in their 70s and out here doing a short term missions trip.

Pray for Stirling’s parents (in 80s) who are making trip to SA next week for their 60th wedding anniversary celebration!! Pray for stamina and health. Pray also for all the others of us that are traveling!!

Continue to Pray for child we took to hospital – since there’s no communication between here and there we don’t have word on how he’s doing. We’ll know today as we travel south and pass by there.

PRAISE – Meeting with the workers about salary increase went very well. Nothing was officially decided but proposals were made for the workers to think about in our absence. Everyone was pleased with proposals and with the fact that we gave them a little bonus in this month’s check.

With all our love,

Donna for all of us