Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Stirling is home after a week of meetings in Quito, Angola.

Hooray! Stirling is home after a week of meetings in Quito, Angola.
THANKS so much for your prayers - even though there were difficult things to
discuss and resolve there was a good spirit and camaraderie amongst the

We will stay in Lubango today and head back to Tchincombe first thing
tomorrow morning.

THANKS so much for your prayers on behalf of the ladies at Tchincombe - we
have had 10 - 12 ladies each Wednesday the last month and there has been
real interest and participation. We are memorizing Matthew 22:37-39 in
Portuguese and Olungambwe - pray that God will help us to understand these
verses and how they impact all areas of our lives.

About 2 months ago we bought young 14 chickens for laying eggs - last week
we got the first egg - this week they are all sick and dying despite our
treatments! They are HUGE birds (really a meat chicken) we think that the
heat stress they have been experiencing has just been too much. We'll keep
buying eggs and look for more chickens - eggs are 600Kz for 30 eggs (750kz =

Jeffrey has a wonderful opportunity coming up! At this point he wants to be
a PH (professional hunter) - he has experienced the lovely side of that life
- that is being a guest a game farm in Namibia. Our friends at that game
farm have offered to have Jeffrey come and work for 2 weeks to see the work
side!! We are grateful for this opportunity. Pray for him as it will be
his first time away from us (aside from times when he has been with family)
- mind you Hartwig and Elke seem like family so we are not so worried on
that score! Pray for Jeffrey also that even at 13 he will seek what God's
will is for his life! He'll be there from 9th of October.

That's all for now!!

Thanks for all your love, prayer and concern! You are a vital part of all
that God does in Angola at Tchincombe!

In Him,
Donna for all of us!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Hello from smoky smelling Tchincombe!

Hello from smoky smelling Tchincombe! The fire is out - Stir and the guys
(including Jeffrey and his friend Matthew - MAF MK) worked until 11 PM and
were successful!! Today we'll be moving 2 herds to a different part of the
farm as their grass is all burned up! Pray for early and good rains!
Thanks for praying! Donna The fire is out - Stir and the guys
(including Jeffrey and his friend Matthew - MAF MK) worked until 11 PM and
were successful!! Today we'll be moving 2 herds to a different part of the
farm as their grass is all burned up! Pray for early and good rains!
Thanks for praying! Donna

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Dear Faithful Prayers!

Dear Faithful Prayers!
Pray! Stirling left at 2:30 PM today to fight a bush fire - he and the
workers are still at it - it's almost 7 PM! Every blade of grass is
precious at this time of the year. We don't have the reserves of pasture
that we should as many of our neighbors' animals have been grazing on
Tchincombe! Pray for the men to have stamina and that the wind will calm
down so that they can get the fire out. THANK YOU for PRAYING! Donna for
all of us!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Again from Tchincombe!

Again from Tchincombe!
Meghan is feeling much better - vomiting stopped yesterday morning. She
then slept through the night with only a little fever. Today she has had no
fever. We are grateful!

Thanks to all for your words of encouragement and support!!

In Him,

Monday, September 10, 2007

Items for prayer:

Greetings from Tchincombe!

Items for prayer:

Meghan started yesterday with diarrhea, high fever, headache, and vomiting.
We were in town 2 weeks ago where there were plenty of mosquitos and even
though we don't have a way to test her we have started her on treatment for
malaria. Though it was a somewhat sleepless night she seems to feel better
this morning and has been able to keep the medicine down.

Stirling goes to town tomorrow for an admin meeting. On Wednesday he will
be putting a motor back together for one of the UIEA church leaders. He
likes working on Landys so it will be a break in some ways!

Next week the UIEA has it's annual national meetings. They are to be held
in Quito - more or less the middle of Angola - it will take a long day of
driving to get there - Stirling will be gone at least a week. Pray for the
delegates from all over Angola as they travel to Quito for safety in travel.
Pray that each delegate will desire above all to see the name of God lifted
up. Pray for wisdom and discernment for all who participate.

Pray especially for our friend and colleague Dr. Karen Henriksen. It seems
that she will have to go to these meetings to represent the medical
department of the UIEA - it wasn't in the plan but the individual who should
go has had to be dismissed because of immorality - this puts more work on an
already too full plate for Karen. Pray for her strengthening.

There are 22 more heifers and many goats that still need to get to Cavango
this month - we need to find a truck and driver.

Gerald and Louise Latimer would like to come in November and give us a hand
here at Tchincombe. Pray for visa. The Embassy in DC hasn't been issuing
visitor visas - pray for that block to be removed!!!

As always - pray for ladies' meeting on Wednesday - we had 12 ladies last

Pray for last Sunday of every month for the outreach at Tchimbolelo.

Lastly pray for me (Donna) as I try to balance all my responsibilities -
that I would rest in what I was able to accomplish and not fret about what
wasn't done. Especially pray that I would be able to find the time to get
language study done!

Donna for all of us!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

When you don't hear from us PRAY

I should say right off that when you don't hear from us PRAY - either we
are very busy - too busy or are feeling very discouraged. In this last
silence it has been both!!

The HEAT IS ON! Day time temps are soaring though nights feel like spring
and a light jacket is needed. Here and there trees are starting to bud and
a few are already in full leaf! This goes a long way to break up the gray
and brown all around. Everything is perking up in anticipation of the rain
that should be coming in October - pray for that!

Stirling did arrive home safely from Namibia. He arrived at 11 PM on
Wednesday (29 August). Meghan was up early on Thursday as it was her
birthday - 8 years old! Steve & Peggy and Peter and Shelley came for the
weekend so it was very special.

I wrote during Stirling's absence about the fan belt of generator breaking.
A new fan belt came to the farm the next day after the old one broke coming
with a 3 person team from Zamibia who 'just happened' to be headed toward
the border at that time. They got the fan belt here. The generator got
going right away BUT the Zambian team's car broke down and our farm truck
had to pull them about 3 hours south to the main road so they could find
another vehicle to pull them to the border!

Today is a general holiday at the farm - a bullock has been slaughtered and
there is a big meal for the personnel. We are wanting to acknowledge the
Lord's goodness in harvest as well as let the workers know we appreciate

At the ladies meeting this week we studied Paul's prayer for the Colossians.
We ask you to pray for the Believers here that we will know the Lord's will
and that we will be strengthened with the power of the Holy Spirit. And
that we will be aware of his presence in everyday living.

Thank you for standing with us in prayer!!
Donna for all of us!