Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Stirling is home after a week of meetings in Quito, Angola.

Hooray! Stirling is home after a week of meetings in Quito, Angola.
THANKS so much for your prayers - even though there were difficult things to
discuss and resolve there was a good spirit and camaraderie amongst the

We will stay in Lubango today and head back to Tchincombe first thing
tomorrow morning.

THANKS so much for your prayers on behalf of the ladies at Tchincombe - we
have had 10 - 12 ladies each Wednesday the last month and there has been
real interest and participation. We are memorizing Matthew 22:37-39 in
Portuguese and Olungambwe - pray that God will help us to understand these
verses and how they impact all areas of our lives.

About 2 months ago we bought young 14 chickens for laying eggs - last week
we got the first egg - this week they are all sick and dying despite our
treatments! They are HUGE birds (really a meat chicken) we think that the
heat stress they have been experiencing has just been too much. We'll keep
buying eggs and look for more chickens - eggs are 600Kz for 30 eggs (750kz =

Jeffrey has a wonderful opportunity coming up! At this point he wants to be
a PH (professional hunter) - he has experienced the lovely side of that life
- that is being a guest a game farm in Namibia. Our friends at that game
farm have offered to have Jeffrey come and work for 2 weeks to see the work
side!! We are grateful for this opportunity. Pray for him as it will be
his first time away from us (aside from times when he has been with family)
- mind you Hartwig and Elke seem like family so we are not so worried on
that score! Pray for Jeffrey also that even at 13 he will seek what God's
will is for his life! He'll be there from 9th of October.

That's all for now!!

Thanks for all your love, prayer and concern! You are a vital part of all
that God does in Angola at Tchincombe!

In Him,
Donna for all of us!

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