Wednesday, October 10, 2007

You have been praying and God has been working.

You have been praying and God has been working. Today in our ladies'
meeting how to show love to our neighbor especially in the case when the
neighbor is rude. Kaketa said when she greets Marta, Marta will not return
her greeting. In Olungambwe culture it is extremely rude not to greet
another person. And it's not only to Kaketa that Marta reacts this way. We
had the opportunity to talk about the fact that a person has a wounded heart
they don't know how to relate appropriately to others. Apparently Marta is
afraid that people will laugh at her when she sings or goes to church or
when she wears nice clothes. There is another lady, Emilia who is also
sometimes very rude. Here are some things that we at the ladies meeting are
praying in these next weeks - will you pray with us?

*That God would show us if any of us have in any way offended these ladies.
*That God would show us how to love them even though they are not acting
*That God would work in their hearts to heal whatever is there and that he
would cause their hearts to turn to Him for healing and salvation.
*That God would prepare the way for one or two of us to talk with these
ladies about the way there are feeling or acting.
*Pray especially for Marta as over the years it has been clear that there
are definite psychological problems in her life.

Stirling, Jeffrey and our friend Brent went down to Namibia on Monday.
Jeffrey started his two week work experience yesterday - pray for him!

Stirling and Brent have gone on to Windhoek to do purchases and plan to head
back on Friday.

Pray for rain!!!

Pray for me as lately I feel like I am tired all the time - maybe it's just
the heat, maybe the tasks in general seem overwhelming! THANK YOU!

Meghan cut her hair short - we'll try and send a picture when we can!

THANKS for standing with us in prayer.
Donna for all of us!

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