Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Hello - it's hot and steamy but no real rain yet!!

Hello - it's hot and steamy but no real rain yet!! We've had sprinkles that
are increasing our longing!! The rain clouds are all around - pray for them
to dump on us!!

The house has been quiet this week! Jeffrey is away at Schoenfeld (click here to see it)and
Meghan went to Lubango on Monday. She is spending the week with her Dutch
girlfriends who have holiday. They are all going to the beach tomorrow.
Pray for safety in travel and at the water.

Stirling and I are going to have a belated anniversary celebration.
Tomorrow we'll go to Namibia and stay at a bed & breakfast, Friday and
Saturday we will go a little further south and camp. Sunday we'll get to
Windhoek - Monday shop, Tuesday go to Schoenfeld to pick up Jeffrey,
Wednesday start back toward Angola and camp near the border. Thursday back
to Tchincombe! Pray for safety and rest!

Pray too for Paulo and Tuciale as the hold down the fort in our absence
(Firmino is on holiday) - always it seems that the staff come up with some
'when the cat's away the mouse will play' stuff! Pray for Paulo and Tuciale
to have wisdom.

Good friends of ours, Gerald and Louise Latimer, would like to visit in
November and help around the farm - pray for their visa to be granted!

Continue to pray for us a community to know what it means to love our
neighbor. Today we looked at John 13:34 where Jesus says for us to love
others as he has loved us!!!

THANKS so much for being part of our team!!!

Donna & Stirling

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