Sunday, March 30, 2008

Stirling arrived home safely

Dear Friends,

Stirling arrived home safely though exhausted - thank you for your prayers.
Usually he's very tired after a med-evac but encouraged as the person
usually gets the treatment needed. Yesterday Cesar literally stopped
breathing just as he was taken from the car and all efforts at resuscitation

We're off to Imbondwe in the next hour. Please pray for open hearts and
don't laugh - no rain!!

Running the Race with You!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Cesar died

Dear Friends,

Stirling called on the radio from Lubango at 4:30 to say that Cesar died
just as he was reaching the hospital - they tried for 30 minutes to
resuscitate him but to no avail. Most likely was malaria and pneumonia.
Hard to say. Malaria is a great masquerader. Pray for Cesar's wife - they
have 2 children and an infant. The days ahead will be difficult for her.

Stirling left Lubango at 6 PM to return here. Pray for him too.

In Him,

Cesar is worse this morning

Hi! Cesar is worse this morning and so Stirling is headed back to Lubango
to take him to the hospital! He definitely seems to have a pneumonia which
came quickly (Wed to Thurs) - whether malaria is a complication is hard to
tell at this point. Again please pray for him and for the nurses and docs!
Pray for Stirling to have stamina - we just back last night! THANKS! Donna

Thursday, March 27, 2008

we can drive the car and it drives well!


We got temporary vehicle documents on Wednesday and drove back to Tchincombe
today with the 130! It means one more trip to the coast in a week or two
but at least we can drive the car and it drives well!

We arrived to find one of the workers quite ill - had a phone consult with
Dr. Steve and we've started treatment. Please pray for Cesar to respond to
meds, to not be afraid - and pray that those around him would be an
encouragement - the general tendency is to be pessimistic - many come and
sit with the sick person almost watching to see if they are going to die -
very fatalistic! Cesar is not a believer - pray that he will find his God
through all of this!

Saturday we go to Imbondwe for an outreach. Pray for open hearts!!

THANKS for your vital part in this ministry!!


Friday, March 21, 2008

It's FINALLY here!

Dear All,

It's FINALLY here! Christmas in March in Angola - a guy's Christmas! Car
spares and new seats for our old car (bcs of Stir's back). Jeffrey and Stir
are still opening boxes and oo-ing and aa-ing!

We will head to the farm today for Easter festivities there - the new Landy
will have to stay as it still needs tags, police inspection, etc.

Pray with us that we will use the vehicle well in His service!

The new satellite internet system for Tchincombe is on it's way and should
be arriving next week. Tchincombe will be leaping into the 21st century!

He is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!

Donna, Stirling, Jeffrey and Meghan

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Please pray for Dr. Steve and Peggy Foster!


The container is on it's way up from the port!! The truck left at noon - we
are excited!!!
Thanks for praying!!

Please pray for Dr. Steve and Peggy Foster! Their truck was parked in the
street in front of their house and a taxi plowed into the back end of his
parked truck!! They had all just gone to bed and heard a great crash! The
truck's back axle and diff are damaged. The driver and passenger were drunk
and so weren't really hurt though they could easily have been killed. Steve
& Peggy have a VW Jetta but it's not adequate for lots of the roads. Steve
and Peggy have lots of short term medical students and so the Jetta really
isn't big enough. The owner of the taxi will take no responsibility for his
driver or helping to repair truck. It's really discouraging for Steve and
Peggy! Spare parts will soon be on the way from Canada but they need
something to drive in the interim. The owner of the taxi is supposed to
provide transport - pray that he will cooperate!!! Pray for wisdom to know
if he should be taken to court - he does have other taxis so he's not a
person without means.

In Him,
Donna & Stirling

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Greetings from Lubango!

Greetings from Lubango! There were more ups and downs Monday than just the
waves at the ocean! We had a lovely 2 days at beach. Monday kids came back
to Lubango with friends and we went on to the port to get vehicle out BUT
we're STILL waiting! The 3 days has stretched to 6. We just got message
that said documents are out of customs so only port fees must be paid and
the container SHOULD BE loaded tomorrow. Please PRAY that this would be the
case as we are sitting in Lubango WAITING! Stirling must be here to see to
the offloading of the container otherwise we'd head back to Tchincombe.

News about little Jamie: He has an immune system problem - specifically a
"B" cell problem - he will be needing a bone marrow transplant. Now that
the problem is known his treatments have helped him to improve to the point
he can be moved out of ICU. PRAY now for a suitable donor!! THANKS so much
for including he and his family in your prayers.

We are anxious to get back to Tchincombe to celebrate EASTER there.

THANKS for all your prayers on behalf of those in Angola who still need to
hear about EASTER! And the hope of a vital, loving relationship with God!


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

More New Pictures!

Meghan 'helping' do maintenance on Landrover.
Foundation for new guest rooms- come for a visit!
Fortunately we don't see these very often! It was hiding in a pile of rock.
Meghan taking lessons from Perpetua!
Meghan and her Dutch friends that returned to Holland.
This is the fixer-upper Donna bought Stirling for Christmas. Needs just a little work!
Rain...rain...glorious rain!

Pictures of the watery road to Lubango

Dongue has had a little too much rain!
On the road to Lubango- it took us 6 1/2 hours that day!

This is the bridge at Quihita- we hope it's still there when we go back next week!

New Pictures!

New Pictures!