Thursday, March 20, 2008

Please pray for Dr. Steve and Peggy Foster!


The container is on it's way up from the port!! The truck left at noon - we
are excited!!!
Thanks for praying!!

Please pray for Dr. Steve and Peggy Foster! Their truck was parked in the
street in front of their house and a taxi plowed into the back end of his
parked truck!! They had all just gone to bed and heard a great crash! The
truck's back axle and diff are damaged. The driver and passenger were drunk
and so weren't really hurt though they could easily have been killed. Steve
& Peggy have a VW Jetta but it's not adequate for lots of the roads. Steve
and Peggy have lots of short term medical students and so the Jetta really
isn't big enough. The owner of the taxi will take no responsibility for his
driver or helping to repair truck. It's really discouraging for Steve and
Peggy! Spare parts will soon be on the way from Canada but they need
something to drive in the interim. The owner of the taxi is supposed to
provide transport - pray that he will cooperate!!! Pray for wisdom to know
if he should be taken to court - he does have other taxis so he's not a
person without means.

In Him,
Donna & Stirling

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praising said...

Praying for you Peggy and Steve. Haven't heard from you in awhile.

Love Mavis