Thursday, March 13, 2008

good news and sad news!

Yesterday we had good news and this morning we had sad news!

Yesterday we heard that the new vehicle is in port and that the clearing
agent has the documents and we should be able to the vehicle transported
from the port to Lubango on Monday!!! YEAH!!! Last night for various
reasons of work related issues we were in a quandary as to what day it would
be best to go to Lubango.

This morning sad news reached us and decided our trip to Lubango. Our
friend, Sr. Fernando Borge died early this morning. He has been struggling
with cancer for some time. So . . . . we go to Lubango today as the funeral
will be late this afternoon or tomorrow. Pray for his family.

An exciting opportunity is coming our way - the possibility of having
internet at Tchincombe!!! MAF is needing to import some updated equipment
for their satellite internet equipment and we can put an order for a
separate unit for us with their order - this well allow us to share
transport costs. It's good timing for us in that Jeffrey is doing some of
his school via internet. The cost of the total system will be about 2000
Euros - pray as we seek to sort out the funding for this equipment!!

We are still needing about $11,000 toward finishing the vehicle that's
arriving as well so if you'd pray for these things we would appreciate it!!!

Little Jamie has been transferred to a pediatric intensive care unit but
thankfully is in stable condition. The hospital has facilities so that the
whole family live close by - so that will help with the overall stress of
the family being separated.

On the road again!

Donna for all of us!

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