Monday, March 10, 2008

Greetings from Tchincombe!

Greetings from Tchincombe! We continue to have rain almost everyday - we
are grateful!!

Notes of Praise!
*We are thankful that Stir's back is feeling better
*The documents for 4X4 should arrive in Lubango today and go to port
* We have lined up the sale of a lot of steers for the 15th of this month
*Two young men have started as apprentices in carpentry with Paulo
*The workshop walls for machine shop and garage are going up
*****Mena and José Zeferino DO NOT HAVE AIDS or syphilis!!! After the
positive test that Mena had she and her husband went to the government post
for confirmatory test and it was negative! Then she started her
menstruation - she was supposed to be pregnant according to the first round
of tests. On further conversation with her it turns out that on the day of
her original tests there was a confusion between her and another woman at
the laboratory. This past week we had Mena's tests all done again at the
same lab and they were indeed negative!!! Both Mena and her husband are
greatly relieved!! It's like someone giving you the death sentence and then
rescinding it! Please pray for the other woman out there - whoever she may
be- she's positive for AIDS and syphilis and pregnant but thinks she's

Please continue to pray for little Jamie - it turns out he had
Para-influenza, went home apparently well on the road to recovery; had a
bout of diarrhea and vomiting seemed to be recuperating and NOW another bout
of respiratory distress - docs believe he has had influenza - this poor
family has had a rough time! Here are their current requests:

"We really don’t know how to ask you to pray for Jamie. The situation is
His overall condition is deteriorating. His struggles to breathe are having
a seriously debilitating effect and he is getting more and more tired. As
he tires his breathing gets less efficient and he needs more and more

The doctors are beginning to feel that he needs specialist equipment which
is not available at the Royal Berks so efforts are being made to find what
is needed in another hospital. The doctors have mentioned Oxford or Great
Ormond Street in London as possibilities. Either would remove Penny and
Jamie from the more immediate support of the family but if the specialist
unit is necessary that would have to be a secondary consideration.

Perhaps all we can say is that we must ask the Lord to show us how to pray.
He knows what He is doing. The reason He doesn’t always tell us is that He
wants us to trust Him. That is not always easy!

The preferred option would be for Jamie to recover enough strength so that
he can benefit from the treatment he is being given at the Royal Berks.

There is also the need to pray for:
• Penny, who is in the front line of the action
• Paul, who in heroic fashion and with endless patience is taking
care of Sam
• Sam who is badly missing his mother
• The whole family who again find themselves in the wringer.

From Tchincombe THANKS SO MUCH FOR CEASELESS prayers on behalf of ourselves,
our friends and for His work here at Tchincombe!

With Love,

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