Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Greetings from Lubango!

Greetings from Lubango! There were more ups and downs Monday than just the
waves at the ocean! We had a lovely 2 days at beach. Monday kids came back
to Lubango with friends and we went on to the port to get vehicle out BUT
we're STILL waiting! The 3 days has stretched to 6. We just got message
that said documents are out of customs so only port fees must be paid and
the container SHOULD BE loaded tomorrow. Please PRAY that this would be the
case as we are sitting in Lubango WAITING! Stirling must be here to see to
the offloading of the container otherwise we'd head back to Tchincombe.

News about little Jamie: He has an immune system problem - specifically a
"B" cell problem - he will be needing a bone marrow transplant. Now that
the problem is known his treatments have helped him to improve to the point
he can be moved out of ICU. PRAY now for a suitable donor!! THANKS so much
for including he and his family in your prayers.

We are anxious to get back to Tchincombe to celebrate EASTER there.

THANKS for all your prayers on behalf of those in Angola who still need to
hear about EASTER! And the hope of a vital, loving relationship with God!


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