Tuesday, February 12, 2008

We've had lots of rain in the last week!

Dear Friends,

We've had lots of rain in the last week! The waterholes are filling up.
There has been lots of plowing and planting. There is still hope for a good
harvest. We will still need to sell animals as the grass will not grow
enough for 1,300 head. It's OK as we need to buy fencing as soon as
possible. The price of wire in South Africa is going up as there are energy
shortages and production is down.

We heard yesterday that the government allocated 6 teachers to Tchincombe
Primary school - you have really been praying! Pray for us as we try to
organize a workable schedule and plan!!!

Stirling made it to Cavango and back with no problems. The heifers arrived
well. The road was dry on the way there BUT wet, wet, wet on the way back!

Jerry and Louise Latimer were able to fly out of Lubango on Thursday despite
rain and low clouds. They arrived back in Kansas safe and sound and to find
it VERY cold! They were a great blessing to us!

Our trip back from Lubango was wet and muddy! Lots of four wheeling fun.
We brought our colleague's Land Rover home for a diagnostic workup - losing
water but can't see where! Working on Land Rovers is recreation for

Stirling went to Lubango today for meetings and we hope he'll come home
tonight or tomorrow early.

THANKS for standing in the gap!!

In Him,

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