Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Dear Friends,

Stirling went to town today and is delayed as the headlights on the Land
Rover stopped working and he couldn't sort out the problem to come back
tonight. Pray for wisdom - he has access to a computer program in town that
has the wiring diagram!

On Friday I will be making a trip to Chiange to talk with the school
officials about various questions we have about this school year. One
important item being getting school books. In theory the government should
be giving the text books but they so far are not available though they are
available to buy on the open air market - mysterious that - pray that if
there is stock that the county school system will give them to us as they
should - otherwise the books are quite expensive!

The other question we'll find out is if there are 2 more teachers or not -
we were told we'd receive 6 but so far only 4 have showed up and we should
have started school last week!

Pray for a safe trip as the road will be wet!

The primary school does start tomorrow! Please pray for us! There are at
least 150 students enrolled - more than anticipated!! Pray especially for
professora Adriana - she has a terrible attitude - she'll be teaching 3rd

Here is a note from our friend's, the Smiths, and their grandson:

"With regard to the last item for praise, the Consultant was with Penny this
morning and he told her he was really amazed at the sudden improvement in
Jamie, quite beyond what he had expected or hoped. Penny told him that many
folk had been praying for just that! The outlook is good. The medics hope
that within 48 hours or so they will be able to withdraw Jamie's feeding
tube from his tummy and probably dispense with the oxygen tube as well.

Bulletin 13 (10:15am Tuesday 19th February)


Jamie's oxygen tube was removed this morning and the feeder tube will be
withdrawn later today. He continues to improve and, all being well, he will
be discharged from the hospital on Wednesday.

The family will be together for the rest of the week and then, if things go
according to plan, they will all to come to us on Sunday for a couple of

Praise the Lord!!
John & Valerie"

Thanks for your faithfulness in praying!!!
Donna for all of us!

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