Friday, February 22, 2008

Hello from a soggy Tchincombe!

Hello from a soggy Tchincombe! The rains continue! My trip to Chiange
yesterday went well - everywhere I passed it had just rained so the road was
wet and sloshy. There were a couple slip and slides but the Landy plowed
right through. Even so it took 3 hours to get to the main road (usually
takes 2).

On first appearance it was a fruitless visit. The County had not received
the text books so we couldn't receive any. Even though classes have started
the students don't have books! The official was very apologetic saying
because of lack of transport the books hadn't arrived. We left a list of
the number of students enrolled here and asked them to safe the books for us
when they do arrive. The problem is that we are 100 miles away and there's
no quick way to get word to us so by the time the word does reach us the
books will all be distributed. PRAY that indeed they will save the books
for us!

We were allocated 4 new teachers (only 1 has come, the other says he can't
come until the 27th). The two teachers from last year are here at
Tchincombe but the official said they have been reallocated somewhere else
and they should report to his office ASAP. We're not sure exactly what to
do because it would mean that we'd have 4 brand new teachers, i.e. they have
NO experience. We certainly can't let them go until the other 3 new ones
actually do appear! Pray for wisdom!! We still do have Alfredo who is not
a government teacher but is paid by the parents so that is good - he is a
very good teacher and very reliable!

In spite of our lack of success on the part of the school we (Paulo and his
wife went) did have a good visit with Jacob and Maria. They are doing well.
It was worth the trip just to be an encouragement to them!

Tomorrow is the last Sunday of the month - when we usually go to Tchimbolelo
farm for service - due to lack of numbers there we are changing to a
preaching point. We will be at Imbondwe tomorrow.

As soon as dry season begins we plan to go on Saturday nights to have
activities for young people, show the Jesus film and have question &
answers, and then have church on Sunday. Steve Foster and Brent Mudde
should be coming from Lubango to meet us there.

Pray especially that older folk would be interested and come. The older
folk say this 'religion' is OK for young people but not for them. They are
too old (they are not really old - 40s-60s) to change their ways and dress.
We want very much for them to understand that the Good News is about a
Person and about relationship not about religion and dos and don'ts!!


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