Saturday, February 16, 2008

5 1/2 month old Jamie

THANKS for your prayers on behalf of 5 1/2 month old Jamie - he is getting
better! His grandparents thank all of you that prayed for him!

Stirling got back from Lubango at 3 am on Wednesday! He finished things in
town late and then had supper departing at 8:30 PM bringing 3 visitors. The
car was hevily laden and it was pulling the heavily laden trailer along
muddy, wet roads which took quite a long time! I think if they'd realized
that it would take so long they would have come in the morning!!

3 of the 6 teachers allocated by the government came to Tchincombe late last
night. We sent the farm truck to the main road to meet them at the bus stop.
The 4th plans to come on the 27th - we're not sure whether the other 2
really exist or not - i.e. whether they were indeed allocated or not! Pray
for the school as it starts this week! Pray for the teachers that they will
be dedicated - only 1 teacher actually lives at Tchincombe (Alfredo - he's
been with the school almost from the beginning). The other teachers are all
from town and have to 'serve time' in the bush before they can be allocated
to a city school. And that's how they see it - 'serving time'. Last year
the 2 teachers that were from town were here less than 1/4 of the time!
Fortunately, the government didn't pay them since they didn't work - we are
hoping this year they will be more dedicated!

THANKS for your prayers!!

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