Monday, January 7, 2008

Dear Praying Partners

Dear Praying Partners,

Stirling went to town today to get food for the workers, to attend a meeting
tomorrow, to get some groceries, and hopefully to finish Pastor Calenga's
Land Rover! Pray for him and tomorrow's meeting.

We knew it was bound to come - the first HIV positive couple. They are the
same couple that lost the child last month. After thinking more on the
whole history of the child it was decided to test the parents for syphilis
and HIV - they are positive for both. The wife is a Christian but the
husband not. They have gone to town today to have their other children
tested and to get free anti-viral meds from the government hospital. Pray
for us a community that we will be full of compassion, wise counsel and know
how to help the family.

There is still no rain - everything is drying up. We are beginning
discussions on how many animals to sell and how many workers that we'll need
to lay off. Please continue to pray for rain and/or the strength, patience,
wisdom, and faith to endure if it doesn't rain.

Pray for Jerry and Louise Latimer who should be arriving on 17 January.

Pray for meetings here Jan 10-14 with Pastor Dinho on missions and

Continue to pray for the visa of Dagmar Henchoz our field leader!!!

You are vital to this ministry - thanks for praying!
Donna for all of us!

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