Tuesday, January 29, 2008


ANOTHER GLORIOUS DAY! It has been sprinkling off and on since night. As of
this morning we have 9 mm of rain!

Jeffrey, Meghan and I starting a new school year this week. (The
possibility of a teacher fell through.) Jeffrey is in the 8th grade and is
starting at University of Nebraska in their distance learning high school.
He's taking a few courses this year to make the transition before starting
high school next year. His work and tests will be graded by UNL. Our
friend Brent, MAF pilot, has agreed to be J's proctor. Meghan is in third
grade and really likes school - I hope it stays that way!

On the 24th - the day the government was supposed to allocate teachers - we
sent the farm Chevy to Chiange in hopes of receiving said teachers. The
government delayed their allocation of teachers. You can always count on
things changing!

A group of people from the church here at Tchincombe went with the Chevy to
visit Jacob and Maria. The farm also sent window frames and shutters - they
were very grateful!

On Thursday Stirling goes to Chibia to be present for they weighing of 50
head of cattle being sold for meat. On Friday he'll supervise the loading
of another 50 heifers for the Cavango area. Then will accompany the truck -
remember last year lots of mud and stuck trucks! We hope this trip goes

Please pray for other clients for the other cattle we'll need to sell.

Pray for ladies' meeting on Wednesday.

Jerry Latimer has bulldozed about 6 km of road. He's basically doing an
interior ring road for the farm - it will be a great help in being able to
visit the corals more efficiently and also a big help for controlling fires
in the dry season. Louise Latimer was a huge help last week while Perpetua
was away and this week is helping with the clinic. Jerry and Louise are in
their 70's! They aren't letting grass grow under their feet!

We are grateful for Sheila Fabiano's return to Angola. Pray for her
transition and time of settling back into responsibilities at the seminary.

We love you all! We appreciate your prayers! When we all get to heaven
you'll see the results of your prayers - we'll be singing some hymns in
Olungambwe to be sure!

Pray for the opening of the primary school - we are in desperate need of

In Him

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