Sunday, January 20, 2008

Latimers and the Smiths arrived safely in Lubango

Dear Pray-ers,

Latimers and the Smiths arrived safely in Lubango and then here at
Tchincombe. What intrepid travelers - they arrived in Lubango, did
appropriate paperwork with immigration, had supper, left Lubango around 7 PM
and arrived here at midnight! It's much cooler to travel at night
especially since the A/C in the car needs charging! All are well and
healthy! Thanks for your prayers!!

We have had a light shower or two in the last few days - not near as much as
it should be nor as much as we need but every little bit helps! The field
that we seeded with millet is still surviving! Millet is the staple food
crop here - we are grateful that it hasn't shriveled up! We heard today
that our neighbor is beginning to sell off cattle. Sigh!

Thanks so much for your prayers!

In Him,
Donna for all of us

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