Thursday, January 10, 2008

A farmer friend was killed yesterday morning!

Dear Friends,

A farmer friend was killed yesterday morning! He
was in town and preparing to go to his farm. He was putting his gun in the
car when it went off and shot him in the head. Stirling delayed his trip
home in order to attend the funeral that was this afternoon. There are no
cold storage facilities or funeral homes per se and so burial is usually the
next day. Pray for his widow and their 2 grown sons.

Stir left town at 5:30PM so he'll be here around 10PM.

One thing that you can count on in Angola is that plans WILL CHANGE. Our
'missions conference' has been delayed. Pastor Dinho's wife is to have a
baby any day now - not sure how he forgot this when planning this date but
that's life!

At the UIEA meeting that Stirling attended on Tuesday the important item on
the agenda dealing with finances got put off again.

Still no rain.

Got word from our field leader that there is the possibility of a teacher
from Germany who speaks both English and Portuguese. She would like to come
for 6 months. Pray for a visa to be granted ASAP! She would be a big help
with for the primary the school here as well as help with J & M.

PRAISE! I taught in the ladies' meeting almost entirely in Olungambwe:}!
The ladies clapped and giggled alot when I finished!

THANKS for standing with us!

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