Monday, March 9, 2009

We have had incredible rains this year!

Hi again from a soggy Tchincombe!

We have had incredible rains this year! Have you noticed we haven’t mentioned prayer for rain!? It’s been a nice relief to not stress over rain. I suppose we are also learning that whether it rains or not our God is awesome and able to care for us!

We have continued to have challenges with the vehicles. Stirling went to town the day after I wrote last and was able to get another gear box (used) for the DAF in one day! That in itself is a miracle! The driver of the DAF thought that he’d try one more time to get it to go into gear before disassembling it and it went into gear! So that afternoon they set off to get another load and about 5 km out from Tchincombe when Nando wanted to put it into low gear – it wouldn’t go into low gear! So he came back. Stirling, Nando and Firmino worked for two days straight and did manage to get it up and running but now it can run ONLY in low gear. For the work of hauling in the sand low gear is just what we need. When the transport of material is complete the gearbox will have to be changed out because running the DAF in low range on the tarmac would not be fun! Whew!

Stir has spent the last 2 days working on the Chevrolet! With help of dear friends pages of the maintenance manual were e-mailed to us. Today it was running but there are some final adjustments that need to be made tomorrow!

The Unimog’s front axle is in town for repairs!

We have transported about 2/3 of the material to Tchincombe.

Amidst all these challenges there have been various and sundry sick children and people. Pray for a nurse for Tchincombe!! Just now (7:30 PM) the neighbor’s tractor came bringing a small baby who’s quite ill. We’re not sure why they brought the baby here as that particular neighbor has been going back and forth to town almost every day because they are hauling construction supplies from town!

Tomorrow Jeffrey and I will run into town for Jeffrey to do his final exam in Personal Keyboarding (fancy name for typing). We will get food for farm store and hopefully that part for the Unimog.

Stirling and Jeffrey are planning a quick trip to Windhoek to pick up Aimee Heyer – she’s coming to visit and help us with the horses. They will also get some fencing tools that were too small to send on truck.

Pray that Aimee will be granted her visa! We hear that the Embassy in Ottawa is having some technical problems!

Continue to Pray for outreach to ladies and to Imbondwe!

Pray for Fox family. They have 100% of their outgoing expenses. They have 25% of their monthly support. They plan to leave for Portugal in December to begin language study.

Thanks for your partnership in the Gospel!

Donna for all of us!

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