Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Please PRAY for Stirling’s parents.

Dear Friends and Loved Ones,

Please PRAY for Stirling’s parents. Stirling’s Mum had a stroke on Sunday. She has difficulty speaking and right sided weakness. She is to come out of ICU this morning. I think the hardest thing about missionary life is being away from family during these times!

Our life has been almost out of control in the busy department! HELP! Stirling’s back is not happy that it spent almost 24 hours in the car! As long as he lies down or stands up he’s good but sitting is difficult! Fortunately repairing machines is a standing up job! He and Firmino have gotten the Chevy up and running!

PRAISE!! All the fencing is at Tchincombe!!! Many miles and tons safely transported!

PRAISE!! Imbondwe was a blessing! There was a good crowd and many interested people! PRAY for hearts to be changed! Here’s a quote from a book I’m reading called “Walking with God” and our prayer for the Believers at Imbondwe and Tchincombe:

"What I am describing is a heart that is present and engaged with God, bringing our desires to him, yet submitting our wills to his, genuinely trusting that what he says is best."

We came into town after Imbondwe. Stirling returned to Tchincombe yesterday. The kids and I will be helping Peter and Shelley Duplantis move their belongings to Cavango where they will be helping to develop the clinic there. Stir would love to be on this adventure BUT it would not be good for his back and there’s so MUCH to do at Tchincombe! Please pray for safe journey. We will be a 4 car convoy leaving at 4 AM. Our plan is to return to Lubango on Friday.

Please continue to pray for the $10,000 needed to finish paying off the transport of our vehicle! We are not sure why the Lord hasn’t supplied this need. Please pray that He will show us what needs to be done!

THANKS for your partnership in the Gospel!

Donna for all of us!

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