Sunday, March 22, 2009

good time and had no hassles (thanks for praying) at the border

Stirling, Jeffrey and Aimee were up at 3:30 am Friday. Out of the drive at 4 and headed north. They made good time and had no hassles (thanks for praying) at the border. We expected them between 9 & 10 PM. Sure enough around 9 there was a call on the radio which I expected to say, “We’re just coming on to Tchincombe be home soon.” BUT Stirling said, “We’re stuck! Please come with tractor!” They were only 25 km from here! One section of the neighbor’s road had been torn up by a truck, a tractor and bull dozer getting stuck when it was very wet.

Peter, Shelley, John, and I set out on a rescue mission with about 7 guys. The getting them out went well and we were back at 12:15 and then S, J & M had to have supper! They were pretty tired having been up about 24 hours!

Unfortunately the loading of the vehicle and all that time sitting in the car has give Stir quite a back ache so he’s taking it easy!

Aimee is fitting right in and has already worked with Strider a couple of times! She will bring lots of fun, laughter and creativity into our lives. Meghan will be thrilled because she plays piano beautifully and draws!

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