Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The grass is growing tall and strong!

Greetings from a very green and very wet Tchincombe! We are still getting rain every day or every other day! The grass is growing tall and strong! As well as the millet! Each of the workers grow their own staple food which is millet. It’s eaten two times a day with sour milk (similar to buttermilk) or with sometimes with a meat sauce. The two previous years there were slim harvests so that people have had to spend most of their income on buying food. We are all looking to the fields of tall, healthy millet that is rapidly making beautiful heads - with grateful hearts!

Stirling and Jeffrey went down to Windhoek last week. They are picking up the last of the fencing supplies – pliers and fasteners, etc. And having the alternator for main generator repaired. It’s stopped until their return. They will also pick up Jeffrey’s rifle that he bought last year! He saved his own money to buy it. He has had to learn a great deal of patience as it’s taken about a year to get the import permit! But permit was in hand last week.

PRAISE – Aimee got her visa!! She’s in Windhoek and will return with Jeffrey and Stirling. Thanks for praying for her visa!

Pray that Jeffrey, Aimee and Stir’s time at the border on return will be minimal. They hope to travel back on Thursday. In spite of all that might happen pray that they will be salt and light! (We normally travel through a border post that’s not busy but with the rains that border post is not accessible. He must go through the main border post and it’s usually horrendous in terms of waiting in lines.)

The other passenger on the trip is a German Shepherd pup named Bella that belongs to Shelley and Peter. A six week old pup ought to be quite fun!

Meghan is in Lubango for two weeks to do school with a ‘real’ teacher! Elizabeth is a teacher from Toronto who’s hear with a team from People’s Church. I’m grateful for the time to be at home for a bit on my own.

Pray that this will be a fun time for Meghan and that it won’t be just school but a new adventure where she trusts God to help her.

Pray that I will use my time wisely! My plan is to study Olungambwe and also to help the ladies with their Portuguese. Pray that I will not fret over the things that interrupt my plans! Like today! I need to go to Lubango to try and get the axle for the Unimog. It should have been ready on Friday but as of yesterday was still ‘getting ready’ – was the message I received! I plan to return tomorrow!

The transport of fencing materials has been stopped since the truck driver for the DAF went to Lubango on Friday. I hope he returns with me tomorrow!

Pray for the outreach at Imbondwe – last Sunday of each month!

Pray for the ladies’ meeting that’s every Wednesday. As most of the ladies are out very early in the morning weeding their fields attendance as been almost nil! Pray that they will hunger and thirst for God!

Pray too for the translation of materials into their language! Pray for them to desire to learn more Portuguese so they can read the Bibles in Portuguese that are available.

Pray for Fox family. They have 100% of their outgoing expenses. They have 25% of their monthly support. They plan to leave for Portugal in December to begin language study.

We do thank you for your PARTNERSHIP in the Gospel here at Tchincombe! Without your prayers and support this ministry would not be possible!

In Him,

Donna & Stirling

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