Monday, July 21, 2008

Stir and I arrived last night at 9 PM.

Stir and I arrived last night at 9 PM. It’s always good to be home. Jeffrey, Jerry and Louise did a great job of holding house and home together. We did manage to get all things needed for Ag fair.

We are glad to say that the ‘new’ car came back with no problems – it’s got 350,000+ km so it’s just new to us not new :-}! It’s going to be a fixer upper cosmetically but the gearbox and engine are sound!

The farm is still in a bit of a mess in the sense that Tuciale and his team have yet to return from looking for the cattle. Firmino went with the Unimog yesterday after to take a child to hospital. So this morning there were no foremen on the farm!

Jerry’s gone to bull doze this morning while Stirling and Jeffrey have gone to look for the foremen and to see what the scoop is on fuel!

Please PRAY that the cattle will be recovered and that Alexi (one year old who’s sick) will respond to treatment – his parents name are Kakinta and Mwatewa.

PRAISE - A woman gave her heart to the Lord yesterday in church – even before the sermon was preached! She’s recently married one of the herdsmen – his name is Njitumalye – don’t know her name yet since we weren’t here for church yesterday! PRAY for her spiritual growth and protection.

In a weeks time we should be headed south for the 60th anniversary of stir’s parents. There’s tons to do to leave things in order – so PRAY for wisdom, strength and patience!

Together in Him,

Donna for us!

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