Monday, July 7, 2008

prayer requests for this week!!!

Hi! Last night I wanted to get the good news to you about Imbondwe so I didn’t fill you in on prayer requests for this week!!!

Stirling is in Lubango today to attend a Farmer’s Coop meeting and to fetch the Latimers and Daniel (our nephew) and his friend, Steve. Daniel and Steve will be doing a soccer camp this week for the children in the primary school! So please PRAY for Daniel and Steve as they share their skills in soccer as well as their faith in Christ with the children!

Steve Foster, 4 colleagues and 2 visitors came yesterday afternoon after being at Imbondwe with us to do circumcisions today. The whole thing came off at the last minute as Steve’s scheduled trip somewhere was canceled so he could come here. There are +/- 20 boys who will be circumcised. Circumcision for the Ovangambwe is usually done around puberty and involves a dark, dirty hut and not clean knife, and certainly no anesthetic! This is the 4th year we’ve been able to offer this service to the families in our community. We are grateful for Steve’s taking off from the CEML to come!! Pray for all of us as we care for the young boys this week.

We were 11 at breakfast this morning and will be 16 for supper!

Pray for Latimers transition!

Thanks so much for being part of our team at Tchincombe!



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