Friday, July 25, 2008

Cattle rustling saga: The cattle have been recovered!!!!!!

PRAISE Cattle rustling saga: The cattle have been recovered!!!!!! In the last few days at least 4 thieves have been caught but apparently the armed thieves haven’t been caught –– there seems to be a pretty big ring working this area. Animals that are stolen are either killed and then sold as meat or are transported live to market. There are two trucks loading meat or cattle out at night. The question is who owns the trucks!? It seems that the police are taking the weekend off and will continue the investigation and apprehending of the other thieves on Monday – where is the logic in that?! It is the situation we live with!

Despite all our efforts it was the headman of a village to the west – west of where our guys were situated - who actually caught the thief – and on Tuesday! The thief came asking for a travel document for the “cattle given to me by my uncle”. Since the headmen didn’t know the guy he said he would have to see the cattle. When he saw that the cattle were marked with brands he immediately grabbed the thief, tied him up and took him to the police. It seems like the Lord was taking care of His cattle!

The cattle will stay at Tchimbolelo tonight (‘neighbor’ farm near main road). Tutyiale spent the morning collecting up the men he’d left watching roads then he had to turn around and go back to where the cattle are being kept tonight to take more men to help herd them back. There is concern that since the cattle will have to come back through the area where the armed thieves are operating that they might try to steal them again!! Again we ask you to PRAY for safety as the men travel home tomorrow with the cattle.

On Monday we must go to that village where the animals were caught and give a reward to the headman who helped catch the thieves – at least that is the expectation – he would like us to give him two head of cattle. PRAY for wisdom.

Sad news – PRAY for Kakinta and Mwatewa - we heard yesterday that their baby, Alexi, died in hospital.

We were supposed to leave on Monday to head down to SA but will not likely get away until Wednesday or Thursday! That’s sad for us as we will loose part of our time with the Joubert family – will still be able to visit but not for long as we would like before going on to the retreat!

PRAY for Tutyiale and his safety both in travel and health – he’s been going non-stop for a week. Pray too for Firmino who’s been holding down the fort here doing the work of 3!

Thanks for partnering with us in prayer!!

Donna for us!

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