Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Cattle rustling saga continues!

Cattle rustling saga continues! Stirling and Jeffrey came home about 10 PM. Tutyiale, our foremen, had tried to get the local police (60 miles away) to help go after the thieves but was told that they didn’t have enough trained police to go after the thieves. Stirling explained this to the police in Lubango (provincial police) who were not impressed with their local colleagues! So two ‘commandants’ (don’t know best translation – maybe police chiefs) came with Stirling to the local authorities and basically told them to get to work! In ironic fashion the police commandants organized the others and sent them off to look for the thieves along with Tutyiale and other staff from Tchincombe. The chiefs waited at the fuel pumps! Stir was in a quandary as to should he stay with the chiefs or go with others but thought he should stay with chiefs since he had brought them from town. In the end it was a good plan as they were able to find out some information about the thieves from the local villagers who came by to chat and greet them.

PRAISE - fuel arrived yesterday at the station so the Unimog will go today to get 1,700 liters. And Lord willing we’ll send them back on Friday for another load so as to have plenty of fuel for Jerry to keep bulldozing!

Thanks for praying – I was very relieved when Stir and Jeffrey got home! Continue to PRAY that the other men still looking will be safe and that the cattle will be retrieved and the thieves caught. The thieves seem to have a ring going and have been stealing cattle from all around this area.

Continue to PRAY for the 4 people who gave their hearts to the Lord this month – for their spiritual protection and growth!!!!

In Him,


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