Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Whew! That was quite an adventure!

Whew! That was quite an adventure! The rain went before as I headed toward
the main road yesterday! It was WET & MUDDY all the way! When I got to the
main road Stirling wasn't there but one of our workers who is on holiday was
there. He had received a message from a passing motorcyclist from
Stirling! "The bridge at Quihita is not passable. I'm waiting for you at

Before the road work it would have taken 35 minutes to get to Quihita but
since the road had been worked on it took only about 10 minutes. The
permanent bridge at Quihita is under reconstruction. The temporary bridge
wasn't built to cope with the river that was now fast flowing because of the
almost daily rain! The road crew was working hard to try and repair the
gap. What a confusion! Traffic backed up on both sides, trucks bringing
earth to try and fill the gap, and lots of people milling about. Plus the
regular workers trying to hurry along the work on the permanent bridge. A
two board walkway was set up for foot traffic across the metal frame of the
permanent bridge.

Stirling received my passengers and then he headed back to Lubango! He'll
be there today and tomorrow putting together the motor of Pastor Calenga's
Land Rover. We hope he'll be able to return on Thursday.

I made it back to Tchincombe at 9 PM. Everyone here was fine. The kids did
well, the calf is nursing well and has found a new 'mom' in Meghan!

Please pray for Jacob and Maria as they have made the move to Chiange. Pray
for them in these days of transition. Pray for us too now that Tchincombe
Church is without a pastor.

Trust each of you has a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving! Steve & Peggy as well as
Peter and Shelley will come for the weekend and we'll do T-day on Saturday.
It's unfortunately not a holiday here!

THANKS for your prayers!

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