Monday, November 12, 2007

Greetings from a dry Tchincombe!

Greetings from a dry Tchincombe! The rains continue to be late. Despite
rains in Lubango (200km from here) we have had no significant rain. Cows
are getting thin and some of this years weanlings have died do to weakness -
i.e. too far to walk between water and food. We are attempting to put water
to the nether parts of the ranch that have grass - dry though it be - though
the distances are great for piping, etc. Please pray for rain! Pray as
well for patience and wisdom until the rains do come.

We had a fun but at the same time tearful farewell for our MAF friends, Gary
and Doreen Toews. They were to go on home assignment in December but had to
leave earlier than planned for health reasons. Pray for them as Gary has
tests in Toronto today to see what intervention might be needed for a heart
condition. Gary and Doreen have been a great encouragement to us as they
have demonstrated that being a missionary is not about what organization we
serve with but about being part of the family of God! Their home has been a
haven for many of us here in Angola!

While we were in Lubango two families had to be taken to the hospital. Mena
and José Zeferino's son, Kamati, has had ongoing diarrhea which initially
responded to treatment for malaria. While we were away he took a turn again
for the worst. At the hospital he was still positive for malaria. What
complicates things even more is that Mena seems to have lost hope. She has
had dreams that her son was going to die and so has been very passive in his
care and treatment. She is a Believer. Please pray that she will know the
peace and hope of God's presence.

Kandaisesa, the wife of one of our herdsman also most likely has malaria.
She has been talking wildly and feeling poorly - not an unusual presentation
for malaria. This family does not know the Lord. They have had many
difficulties in their lives. She needs healing in more ways than just

PRAISE: On Sunday, November 18 - 5 people will be baptized!! Pray for
them this week that they will be protected from the evil one - he has a
stronghold on the Ovangambwe people. He really trys to intimidate through
fear and doubt.

Please pray for a visa for Jerry and Louise Latimer. They are due to arrive
here on Thursday, November 22 - but they can only come if their visa is
issued! We will be truly THANKFUL if we can fetch them at the airport!

On Sunday, November 25 we'll celebrate the end of the school year for the
Tchincombe Primary School. All of the 4th grade students except one passed
their official government exams!

A BIG ITEM OF PRAYER: Teachers for the new school year! Pastor Jacob will
be moving to Chiange so he will not be teaching. We hope the two government
teachers will return but they have not been very reliable. We really need a
teacher(s) who will come and make their life at Tchincombe. It's a
difficult assignment because primary school teachers are usually also
wanting to continue their education. Pray for us to be creative in this
department. Satellite internet courses? Traditional correspondence

November 28 - December 5 we will be taking an honest to goodness vacation!
We're going off to the beach! Our time at the beach would be much more
restful if it would rain!

The quote for fencing Tchincombe is $137,000! Fencing is now essential to
protect Tchincombe's grass and water from the neighbors' cattle. Stirling
and Pastor Chiquete have visited the bank. They are offering a 5 year loan
at 8%. It's a somewhat daunting adventure! Especially since rains are
delayed this year. Pray for wisdom and discernment!

Our new vehicle is still in the UK. We were told we needed a certain
document - took the time to get it only to find out we didn't need it! The
vehicle should be shipping soon!


In Him,
Donna for all of us!

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