Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Ahhhh - we had 4mm of rain last night

Ahhhh - we had 4mm of rain last night - a relief!! We still need more but
it's a beginning!

One thing I forgot to mention is that our beloved Jack Russell , Matti,
died. She and Ebba (our shepherd) had been getting out of the yard
regularly despite our efforts to block their escape routes. One of the
herdsman found her - we really don't know what happened since they had to
bury her before our return. We suspect she tangled with a snake. Pray
especially for Meghan since it was 'her' dog. Pray for the Jenkins too,
especially Beth, Matti was their dog before being ours!

The container from USA with our container is FINALLY in Lubango! Stirling
goes tomorrow on farm business so he'll be able to bring back the freezer -
at least that's the plan!


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