Wednesday, August 8, 2007

We had very good prayer meeting and 50th B-day celebration

Hi! We had very good prayer meeting and 50th B-day celebration last
weekend! This weekend we are Tchincombe and having a visit with Dr. Karen
Henriksen, SIM colleague. She's come to get a rest and have her Land-Rover
checked out! We do enjoy her company!

Stirling is still recovering from the Cavango trip! In spite of his fatigue
he preached a good message today (only found out on Friday that he was
preaching) - pray that hearts would ponder what they heard and respond to
the Lord!!

Pray for renewal here! It seems that folk are tired and in a rut! It is
hard to grow spiritually with no Bible in one's language! Pray for the
translation team at Ngunga! They are working on TEE (theological education
by extension).
With the experience gained in translation we hope and pray the time will
soon come for the Bible to be translated in this language group!

We are in the middle of the dry season - everything here is gray or brown!
I am already looking forward to our first rain and it won't be till October
- Lord willing! We still have a long wait! We do have a little patch of
green in the backyard and a few rose bushes - that helps!

We go to Lubango a week from tomorrow for the Ag fair. We will stay in
town for about 5 days. Jackie our teacher will leave 2 weeks from today -
at the end of the time we are in town for the fair. Her time here has
flown by! It has been great to have her! She was just what we needed at
this time of getting settled after home assignment! Pray for her to have
energy and stamina as she is a second grade teacher and the school year
starts for her at the end of August!

Thanks for standing in the gap!!!

Donna for all of us!

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