Monday, August 6, 2007


A good day's work done.

Resting from threshing.
Bolunga (refreshing drink made from boiling millet in water and then adding sugar - it is made the day before needed).
Kids waiting expectantly for bolunga.
Newly threshed millet-will still need winnowing on the next windy day.
Moving millet from pile to take to threshing floor.

Janesia helping with Teresa's baby.

Working on the water pump.
Cattle coming to drink.
Jackie with Comries (Roy & Gwen) speakers at Spiritual Life Conference.
Dry season...
Cattle coming to drink.
View from retreat center where we had Spiritual Life Conference.
Tchincombe in dry season...
Tchincombe in dry season...
Tchincombe in dry season-we're beginning to thirst for rain!

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