Sunday, August 26, 2007

Greetings from Tchincombe!

Greetings from Tchincombe!

The fair went well. Stirling worked hard and long hours getting helping
with the auction. Pray for fruit from this labor - that opportunities would
arise to share with our farmer friends the good news of the Gospel!!
Tchincombe's heifers sold before the auction. It's an honor that our
neighbor's want to buy our heifers. A lot of heifers bought two years ago
were brought back to the fair this year as cows and won first place in their

We arrived at Tchincombe on Monday and Stirling headed to Namibia early on
Wednesday morning to get price quotes for fencing and piping. And to buy
needed farm parts and spares. He and Peter Duplantis went. Peter will
drive back the Ritchies vehicle - SIM colleagues who flew out of Windhoek to
go on home assignment.

Doesn't something ALWAYS breakdown when a husband goes away?!? The fan belt
on the main generator for water pump broke yesterday and we unfortunately
don't have a spare on hand - this is one of Stirling's purchases in
Windhoek. Colleagues in town are looking for the right fan belt - the plan
is for Shelley to meet me half way so that I don't have to go all the way
into town for the part! The running of the generator is critical as it's
the height of the dry season and most of the cattle are drinking here - the
other borehole is still not working properly!

Please pray for Sunday's preaching at Tchimbolelo.

Jackie left on Sunday for the USA. Pray for her - she only has a week
before her classes begin! She was a great blessing!

Meghan had a stomach ache with vomiting and diarrhea yesterday but seems her
happy self today.

Pray for the children and I as we hold down the fort during Stirling's
absence and get school done!

We do appreciate your partnership with us!!!

In Him,
Donna for all of us!

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