Saturday, May 30, 2009

Stirling and Jeffrey are haying today

Stirling and Jeffrey are haying today – we are dreadfully behind because of breakdowns. Aimee, Meghan and I are getting life organized to go to Imbondwe! Stir should come at noon to eat then we pack and leave!

PRAY for hearts to hear and receive God’s Word and love into their hearts! Brent, our MAF colleague, is coming as usual and he is bringing a new MAF family along so that’s exciting and encouraging. PRAY for Steve & Peggy Foster – they are crazy busy these days with med students and other medical visitors coming and going!

PRAISE – the Hall Family got their visas and are here in Angola!

BUT please CONTINUE to PRAY for the Herbs – they still don’t have received their visas! If they don’t come by next week they will have to cancel their trip - L!

In Him,

Donna for all of us!

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Layne Heller said...

Hey Donna!

This is Layne Heller; my husband and I camped with you and your family in Namibe last fall. We just found your blogspot and are excited to keep updated! Jon e-mailed Stirling last week, but it seems like you are the blogger, so I am not sure if Stirling checks online as much. Do you have an e-mail address?

Have a good safe trip!