Thursday, May 7, 2009

New Pictures!

Sandals for a real man! Notice the long horns!
First Potluck at Tchincombe Church
Bridge! We decided not to use it!
Lunch on the way to Cavango
Camping at Imbondwe - sleeping on roof rack is easier than putting up tent!
Meghan & Aimee
Village elder from Imbondwe
Hay field at Tchincombe
Wire for fencing
Poles for fencing
Strider #3
Aimee & Jeffrey working with Strider
Meghan and her piano
Strider #2
Strider #1
Strider under saddle
We spend a beautiful sunny day at the beach. Encountered this rain on the
way back to Lubango. Rain in the desert is always welcome!

Around the bridge - YEAH we made it!
Going around and not over the bridge
Going around the bridge looked safer than going over!
Into the Land Rover and then on to Cavango where Peter and Shelley will be
Out of the plane
Waiting for the MAF plane to arrive at Chinhama. The Land Rovers are
waiting to take people and supplies to Cavango.
This young monitor lizard dropped in for a visit. He likes warming himself
on the top of our wood fired hot water heater!
Waterholes on Tchincombe are full!!!
Benches in the bush.
Fueling up in the bush! This is the fuel pump that has been half way between town and Tchincombe. You can imagine how long it takes to pump 1200 liters! These pumps have recently closed so we are back to driving 4 hours for fuel!

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