Wednesday, February 11, 2009

we got just over 35mm rain last night

Hello from a wet Tchincombe – we got just over 35mm rain last night – ahhhh!

Stirling set off for the border yesterday to meet the trucks this morning BUT we got a message late yesterday saying the trucks weren’t finished loading and so they will only be at border on Thursday morning! So Stirling has the whole day to stew or rest! Pray that he’ll get rested up for the next days! Please PRAY that the import duties will not be exorbitant!! Pray too that the 3 trucks (interlinks for those of you who know trucking) will be able to leave the border by Saturday – otherwise there is a charge by the trucking company for ‘standing time’. Angola’s border crossing for those importing is really a nightmare of lines, noise and delay! PRAY for patience and that Stirling will be calm in the midst of it all!

The services at Imbondwe will be 21-22nd this month please begin to pray now for those of us preparing to go – the music team, Steve who will be preaching, and ourselves!

The primary school starts next week! It should have started last week. Pray for Alfredo and Afonso as they start classes. Rosária, the other teacher, only made contact for the first time this school year today – her number had changed so we hadn’t been able to get in touch with her – very frustrating – the ride to the farm was today and so she must wait until there is another ride! Pray that Afonso and Rosária will be more committed this year. They had many absentee days last year leaving Alfredo with most of the work!

We are so grateful for him – he is so faithful and really does love teaching.

Pray for all of us here at Tchincombe that our every day lives will be a testimony to the grace shown us by God and his Son!

With Love,


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