Thursday, February 12, 2009

Have been in contact with Stirling who is at the border!

Have been in contact with Stirling who is at the border! He went Tuesday in order to be there early Wednesday to start the customs work BUT the trucks were delayed leaving Windhoek so they didn't get there Tuesday night as planned. The trucks should then have arrived Wednesday afternoon to start customs this morning BUT one of them broke down on its way to the border! It's been repaired and is on its way so now the process will only begin tomorrow – Friday! At least that’s the plan!

The clearing agent calculates $14,000 of import tax! Stirling has access to $10,000 – the other $4000 we do have but it would be complicated to get it to border in a timely manner! The clearing agent was supposed to have done all the calculations last week before Stirling went to border so Stir could take the proper amount BUT the clearing agent didn’t do it earlier as promised!

There is possibility for some exemption so please pray for mercy! Every bit of money not paid on import tax can be put to good use here so we’d like to pay as little as possible!

PRAY to for Stirling to have a good attitude and patience at the border! Courtesy goes a long way in the African contest!

Thanks so much for praying!


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