Monday, June 9, 2008

We have finished 2 weeks of tattooing calves

Dear Friends,


We have finished 2 weeks of tattooing calves – this year 237 calves – lower than our normal but we expected this as we are now limiting the bulls to a strict breeding season so some cows didn’t get pregnant as they were out of sync.

Spiritual Life Conference for missionaries here at Tchincombe June 23 – 27. With only 2 weeks to go the team leading the conference still doesn’t have visas!! PRAY!!! Pray too for all logistics that need to be worked through.

Dagmar, our field leader, still hasn’t received a work visa – this has been a long wait – she and we are asking for wisdom about how to proceed. She has submitted a work visa application in Namibia as well as the SIM team there is also without a field leader (their field leader is an American citizen who hasn’t been able to get a work visa for Namibia). Whichever ever visa Dagmar gets first is where she will live! PRAY!!

One of our missionary colleagues has a Land Rover for sale for $18,000. It would be a great vehicle for Foxes and significantly decrease their outgoing expenses. Pray that somehow this money would become available!

Foxes write: “We continue to pray to the Lord for His provision of funds, and we just had 2 more churches commit to supporting us. Please pray for new contacts as we have run out of all of our leads. This is the first time we have been at this point. We don't loose heart or's just being stretched a little more.”

Continue to pray for those having marital issues! Pray for wisdom for their counselors. THANKS!

Thanks so much for your faithfulness in prayer!!!!

In Him,

Donna & Stirling

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