Sunday, June 22, 2008

SLC is about to get underway!

Good Morning!

SLC is about to get underway! The SLC team – from College Park Church, Indianapolis, Indiana, were delayed yesterday in Windhoek because of late luggage. Thankfully the team is using MAF - so Brent (pilot) flew them as far as the border where they spent the night in Ondangwa, Namibia. Lubango has no after dark landing that’s why they did not come on last night to Lubango.

The plan is for the team to eat lunch in Lubango and then come to the farm. For those of you checking your e-mail when you get up please PRAY about the whole immigration process at the airport!! That the team would shine brightly for Jesus! That officialdom would let them through quickly so they could get here before dark!!

We are VERY THANKFUL for friends, colleagues and family who have come out a few days early to help with set-up & preparation! Definitely been a team effort to get things ready. And the farm staff have worked overtime and with good attitudes to get the grounds ready.

Various prayer requests:

David & Myriam Trott’s trip from Luena to SLC hasn’t gone so smoothly. They are their two boys, Jeremy and TJ, were 24 hours with car difficulties. We still haven’t heard if they have arrived in Lubango. Pray for strength, stamina and courage!

Becky Loewen’s fiancé, Afonso, is traveling to Canada in July. She will be delayed at least one day dealing with visa issues. Pray that she would be able to talk with appropriate officials on Monday and be able to come ASAP.

Various folk have been sick with sniffles and scratchy throats (including me!).

Continue to pray for Dale and the other team members as the lead us in worship and feeding upon the Word. There are sessions for the adults, youth and children.

This will probably be our last update until after conference since we are supposed to be in a retreat!

THANKS so much for standing with us in prayer! The spiritual battle is intense here. There are some who will not be able to come to SLC, some who are being delayed. Most people are pushed to their limits of time and energy. Do PRAY for rest and renewal.

With Love,


PS The MAF plane - WOH (Whiskey Oscar Hotel)- Brent and the team just flew overhead headed for Lubango!! It’s about a 20 minute flight from here to Lubango. The return trip by road this afternoon will be at least 5 hours!

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