Saturday, May 3, 2008

We rolled in at 8:00 AM this morning

Hi from Tchincombe! We rolled in at 8:00 AM this morning – we got across border yesterday at 4 PM Friday and were ready to get here! One part of the road we hadn’t traveled before and we kept thinking it would get better as we came along but it didn’t! From the border to Tchincombe it’s only 170 km (+/- 110 miles) but it took 14 hours - For most of the night we averaged about 9km/hour! We did stop and snooze from 1-3AM. Anyway we are home and tired but happy to be here! Love, Donna for all of us!

PS Please pray for a Saint Bernard pup named SOMA, he’s the pet of our colleague, Dr. Steve Collins. Dr. Collins is single and nearing retirement age and Soma is his buddy – travels with him to clinics – right now Steve’s been in Quito doing cataract surgeries and they are now on their way to Huambo. Soma is very sick. We’ve consulted by radio this morning and Steve’s started treatments. THANKS!

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