Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Monday, June 11, 2007

We had a good weekend and feel much more rested! School with J&M went well this morning – our first day back since starting our return journey to Africa so we have some catch up to do!! Stirling is going to town tomorrow and he’ll send these e-mails via the internet! We are still working on a solution to do e-mails from Tchincombe – we think that we can put our server software on our desktop (Shelley has downloaded it to CD for us – we did not have a hard copy only what’s on the laptop and we couldn’t copy that on to disk) until we can get the cable to connect our laptop to the satellite phone. We would prefer to do the e-mails on one computer and since it’s hard to take the desktop to town we’ll try and find the appropriate cable – we are told that serial to USB cables don’t always work!!

PRAISE - The well drilling company DID come and clean out the well while we were away!!! Wonders never cease!! We bought the new motor in Windhoek and so we’ll be installing it soon. Then we’ll need to lay 10 km of water pipe so that the animals can get to the edges of the farm to eat the grass there!

THANKS for standing with us in these months!


Donna for all of us!

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