Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Greetings from Lubango!

Greetings from Lubango! Meghan and I drove to Lubango yesterday because
Jackie received her visa and she arrived yesterday - yoohoo!!! Jackie
received her visa just in the nick of time - on Wednesday and flew out
from USA on Thursday! It will be a fun two months!

Today we travel back to Tchincombe and also traveling with us are Roy
and Gwen Comrie who are speaking at our SIM's Spiritual Life Conference.
They arrived on the same plane as Jackie. We then return to Lubango on
Thursday - a little grueling to travel these roads twice in one week -
but you do what ya gotta do!

SP (Samaritan's Purse) is going to purchase 129 animals from Tchincombe
to send to the area of Cavango. They will be a great blessing to help
families in that area rise above subsistence standards!! Stirling and
Tuciale will be involved with arranging transport for these animals and
helping to get them established. It is exciting to be at a stage in the
life of Tchincombe to begin to reach out to meet the wider needs in

Stirling and the guys will be starting to install the new pump - it's a
massive job to put the pipe in one section at a time to go down +300ft -
it will take about 4 days.

Thinking of the future please continue to pray for the Foxes and for the
Verhoefs as they prepare for service in Angola!

Paulo's mother had surgery last week at the CEML for cancer in her
mouth. She lost a lot of blood (not unusual for mouth surgery) but is
doing well. It has been a hard 1 1/2 years for Paulo and his family -
remember his sister died, his stepfather killed a man in a drunken brawl
and then committed suicide some days later. Pray for Paulo's Mom that
she would come to know God's peace in his heart.

We brought another herdsman from Tchincombe to CEML with what appears to
be a bony tumor on his leg. His name is Pinto Miguel. It is the first
time he or his family have ever been to town! Pray that he would
experience the love of Christ at the CEML.

Until the next time - THANK YOU for praying!!
Donna for all of us!

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