Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tattooing Calves

Each year at weaning time the new calves must be disbudded, castrated, dewormed, branded and tattooed! Each animal at Tchincombe gets a number. It's quite the rodeo! Enjoy!

Calves waiting in calf pen for their turn! Once they are done they can get to their mom for their breakfast!

Catching the Calf

Holding the calf

Cleaning the ear with alcohol

Tutyiale - foremen for livestock

Tattoo machine


Applying Tattoo Ink

Dewormer so calves can grow healthy without internal parasites. Meghan likes to help. Sometimes it's a messy job!

Disbudding. So the calf won't grow horns. Safer for everyone!

All done! Finally the calf can get to its Mom! This particular calf is too young to wean - it was born at end of season and will be weaned next year.

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