Saturday, September 26, 2009

Greetings from the USA!

Dear Friends and Family,

Greetings from the USA! Meghan and I arrived last Saturday. All our flights and travels ran very well!! As of Thursday my body AND my mind are now in this time zone!

Computers are great – we have been able to stay in touch with Stirling & Jeffrey via e-mail and Skype. They are doing well though a bit tired..

The Executive committee meetings of the UIEA that were held at Tchincombe ran well both meeting wise and logistics wise. This week after the meetings Stirling had to go to town twice so he says he’s feeling pretty tired. There is a team from Tchincombe going to Imbondwe this weekend to meet Steve for the monthly service but Stirling and Jeffrey are staying home! Thanks for your prayers on their behalf.

One of the goals at Tchincombe for October is to get as much of the fencing up as possible so please pray that it will become a reality! We make our plans but they don’t always materialize the way we imagine!

Please do pray for Stirling’s Mum. As you know she had a stroke at the end of March. She’s really made remarkable progress over these months. But about 10 days ago her back started hurting and now despite ibuprofen she prefers to stay in bed and doesn’t want to eat very much. She has a doctor’s appointment on Monday. Pray that she would have the desire and mental strength to communicate! It takes a lot of effort. She will answer questions and some times we all get a laugh from her response – even she laughs because she knows it’s not what she wants to say – but she doesn’t really initiate or participate in conversations! Pray that she will be encouraged in her spirit. Pray too that Helena and I will know how to encourage and help her.

Please pray for Jeffrey too – he has two more courses to finish 9th grade!

We do appreciate your prayers!

In Him,

Donna Foster

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