Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Our lowest temp this winter!

Hello! We’ve had an exciting week!

Our lowest temp this winter! We decided to have a sleep under the stars night. On Friday (10 days ago) we had our pizza, Coke, and movie and then headed over to the waterhole that’s in the middle of the farm. We set up in or on the vehicles and when we woke up there was a good frost on our sleeping bags! The car thermometer read 19º F (-7.6º C). Brrrrr! We have very good sleeping bags! We were not cold . . . .until we got out of our sleeping bags!

This week we had a scary adventure. I opened a window to let out a bee which had gotten into the house and got bitten by a different bee who was on the other side of window handle! The ring finger of my left hand! I immediately took out stinger, put on ice and took 2 benadryl to prevent my finger from swelling too badly. I managed to get my engagement ring off but not my wedding ring. THEN as I’m sitting on the sofa with my hand up in the air, holding an ice pack I begin to feel my face get red and my neck itch. My face started swelling and I began with hives! Bummer! My finger was swelling so much that we had to cut off my wedding ring – good job, Jeffrey. I took another benadryl and a cool shower. THANKFULLY the reaction stopped! But we were pretty shaken up. I’ve never reacted like that to a bee sting! I guess we need to get a bee sting kit! The kids were pretty worried but they did very well and stayed calm which helped me to stay calm! Because it’s dry season the bees are after water wherever they can find it so they are constantly buzzing around the house! It will be slightly nerve wracking until the rains come!

Stirling was away accompanying the farm truck which was taking Tchincombe’s heifers to the neighbor’s to load up them for their trip to the fair. There are several sandy hills where the truck might get stuck so Stir went along to give a pull if necessary. So he wasn’t here for our bee excitement!

The fair started yesterday and will go through Sunday – pray for Tchincombe’s workers who are there taking care of the 15 heifers. There’s lots of temptation to get drunk!

Stirling and Jeffrey will join Meghan and I in the USA at the end of October. We’ll have a month together with Stirling’s parents – we are grateful for this opportunity. We’ll return together to Angola on 23 November.

At this point we are at 96.7% support – we are SO grateful to you for your faithfulness!! THANK YOU!

In Him,


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