Friday, April 24, 2009

Today we are writing from Windhoek.

Hi! Today we are writing from Windhoek. We came down to renew Jeffrey and Meghan’s passport. We had an UNEVENTFUL trip down! Yeah!

Last week Stirling was still in such pain (going on 3 weeks) that we booked an appointment with the orthopedic doc for this week but in the meantime his back started steadily improving we think do to prayer, hot water bottles and regular messaging! The receptionist was reluctant to make the appointment (our field leader called) because the people from Angola often don’t show up. So in spite of feeling better Stirling went to his appointment. When the doctor heard he was feeling better he said, “Then why didn’t you cancel!”

Today we go to a game farm for Jeffrey to hunt an impala. We told him last year if he could maintain a “B” average that we’d arrange a hunt for him. So this is the big weekend!

We have several prayer requests:

· Aimee is holding down the fort at Tchincombe! The generator for our house has broken down!! Bummer & of course – it seems inevitable! Peter and Shelley will be driving out today to fix it as well as to give Aimee company on the weekend!

· Aimee is also helping the teachers & foremen study English while at the same time they are helping her with Portuguese

· Imbondwe this weekend – that God’s word would penetrate hearts!

· Rol and Lil are faithful supporters from MI. Lil has pneumonia! Please pray for strength and health.

· May 11-20 SIM leadership will be visiting our field. On May 12-15 we will be evaluating the ministry at Tchincombe. Pray for good understanding between the UIEA leadership and SIM leadership.

· Our good friend Brenda and her son Brandon will arrive on 13 May. Brenda will be with us at Tchincombe. Brandon is keen on studying medicine and will be following Steve Foster around CEML.

· We are hoping that we can receive the kid’s passports on Thursday and head back on the weekend. Otherwise Friday and Monday are holidays and we’ll have to stay until Tuesday!

THANKS as always for your faithful prayers!

Donna for all of us!

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