Friday, January 9, 2009

We leave at 4 AM tomorrow to head to Namibia!

Just to let you know we leave at 4 AM tomorrow to head to Namibia! We will stop at border to talk with a clearing agent about what kind of paperwork will be needed for importing the fence at the end of this month.

You can begin praying now for that whole process – especially that the import tax will be the minimum :-}!

We hope to get to the municipal campground at Tsumeb where we’ll meet our friend Brent who’s down in Namibia awaiting his visa! Please pray that his visa will come in a timely fashion!!

From there we’ll spend two days at the Waterburg Plateau Park where they say if you want to go hiking you must be able to climb a tree because there are rhinos! :-} !

We plan to get to Windhoek on Tuesday for shop and shop – the shops will be happy but the pocket book will not!

Our plan is to leave Windhoek as soon as shopping is done and head back up here s-l-o-w-l-y, camping along the way and enjoying ourselves and arriving here on 22nd! Stirling has one day to rest and then has to be in Lubango on 24th for an all day meeting.

Please pray for Firmino, Paulo, Tutyiale as they hold down the fort – for wisdom, courage, confidence in the Lord!

Pray too for rain! We haven’t had any since just before Christmas – crops are in and we’ll be needing it soon! It is hot and clouding up so we trust it’s not far off!

Thank you so much for praying!!

In Him,

Donna for all of us!

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