Monday, October 27, 2008

4 mm DOES not = 1 inch of rain!

Dear Praying Friends,

4 mm DOES not = 1 inch of rain! A dear friend in Namibia pointed out my mistake – and I must admit when I wrote it didn’t seem quite right because it sure didn’t feel like a one inch rain! More like 1/8 of an inch! We are still waiting for a GOOD thoroughly soaking rain here at Tchincombe.

At Imbondwe – we did have a good rain – a ground soaking, stop the show rain! So on Saturday evening we went to bed at 8 PM since there’s not much else to do when you are camping and it’s raining! Sunday morning there was a good turn out for church – even 6 older, traditionally dressed people – keep praying that the older generations will not consider this ‘new religion’ just for the young people – but will see that God desires a day to day relationship with THEM!

The man in who’s village area where we meet asked for a Bible which we gave him this week. In return he gave us a chicken!

Stirling and Jeffrey head off to Namibia tomorrow. Jeffrey is going to work again at the farm of good friends. His school is mostly complete – computer issues delayed his typing course but he should be able to finish it after he returns from this work experience.

PRAISE!! Stirling will be doing shopping in Windhoek including setting up the purchase and transport of fencing and water piping!

Pray for safety in travel – especially no run ins with game (kudu, warthog, etc)

In Him,


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