Sunday, September 7, 2008

Greetings FROM Tchincombe!

Greetings FROM Tchincombe! After one month and 7,000 km we are home! We arrived home at 12:30 AM – having left Windhoek at 5 AM – it was a LONG day and uneventful except for locking the keys in our car while we were fueling up in a place called Kamanjab. Stirling was able to take the seal off one of the small windows in the backset of the car and Meghan squeezed in to unlock – 45 minutes of hot work for Stir!

The night of our arrival the big generator had stopped running owing to a fan belt that broke! The guys replaced the fan belt but the engine didn’t want to start. So they came got Stir – we were all a little bleary eyed still – Stir went down and came back to get WD40 and starter spray stuff – he managed to persuade the generator pistons that they weren’t stuck and so the generator did start!! Whew! The generator has over 40,000 hours of op so is due for an overhaul. We hope it holds out until the rains come so that we can get by without it for a few days.

We are so grateful for the time we had with Stir’s parents, Peter, Shelley and Sheila in Windhoek. It was a very sweet time!

Mum and Dad Foster, Peter and Shelley as well as Jerry and Louise all arrived back on that side of the ocean safe and sound!

Summer has come all in a rush! We have just finished the cold dry season and are now in the hot dry season – everything is thirsting for the rain! Pray that it will come well and on time this year!!

Last update we told you that there were 65 people at Imbondwe – there were but ½ were from Tchincombe as a team from here went in the Unimog (farm truck)! Please begin to pray for 28 September when we will go and spend the weekend at Imbondwe – pray for open hearts!

Meghan, Jeffrey and I start school again on Monday. Please pray for patience and a willingness to do the work set before us. Please do pray for a teacher for the kids! It was so GREAT having Helena here doing school with Meghan – Meghan really enjoyed it! If you know of a teacher who would like an African adventure send them our way!! A teacher would also free me to do language and literacy!

PRAISE – the team from Tchincombe that took the animals to the Ag Fair reported that everything went well – all 20 animals sold for a good price!!

Elections as far as we can tell have gone smoothly and without incident – at least in our part of Angola.

THANKS for your partnership in sharing the Good News with the Ovangambwe!!

In Him,

Donna for all of us!

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